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This introductory improvisation course for teenagers is a fast paced, exciting class that aims to give participants a solid grounding in the different contemporary styles of improv’ that dominate the writing, acting and comedy world today. Each week you’ll play games and explore a challenging variety of improv exercises that unleash your natural creativity and humour. The workshop will culminate in a Theatresports or Maestro Improv Showcase.

Theatresports™ is improvised theatre entertainment played as a spectator sport. Teams of players invent scenes from suggestions they are given, while following particular sets of rules we call “games”. Everything is made up on the spot; the lights, music, dialogue, mime and song. The teams are judged on their ability to follow the rules of each game, deliver a cohesive story line and entertain the audience.

Our aim is to work with small groups of committed, talented teenagers on developing their acting and improv skills, with a view to performing in the Inter School Theatresports Tournament!

Improv for Kids 9-11 yrs: 

15 Sept - 8 Dec | Fri 2:30pm - 4:00pm

15 Sept - 8 Dec | Fri 4:00pm - 5:30pm


Improv for Teens 12-14 yrs:

12 Sept - 5 Dec | Tues 5pm - 7pm


Improv for Young Adults 15-18 yrs:

13 Sept - 6 Dec | Wed 5pm - 7pm

Classes are taught by UK qualified teachers in our professional performance space - The Courtyard Playhouse.

The Playhouse is Dubai’s first and only dedicated, purpose-built improv theatre, with a vibrant and active improv scene. This is an incredible opportunity for teens to experience working with professionals in a friendly environment. 

Workshop participants have the option to gain invaluable experience every Wednesday 8-10pm, at the Playhouse weekly improv show, Maestro, to learn the ropes: helping with lighting, sound, scenography, and front of house. 

The Playhouse is the only International Theatresports Institute member and Theatresports license holder in the Middle East.

Improv’, as popularised by the TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway?, ignites spontaneity, develops lateral thinking, encourages team work and releases the potential artist in us all.