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Erik Hadden
Psychologist, USA
Choosing to do The Desert Monologues was one of the best decisions of my life. I know that sounds like an exaggeration but it isn't-- not for me. It opened up for me an expression of myself that I hadn't allowed before and it was the start of a life changing journey for me. Sometimes I look back and think 'what if I hadn't take that class?' and I shudder. All I can say to anyone considering it is: Do it! Do it! Do it!
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Faye Brann
Writer, London
I signed up for the Desert Monologues when my son had just turned one. I was desperate to do something for myself and decided to rekindle a love of performing that I had neglected since coming to Dubai. I was incredibly nervous, but within a few weeks I was hooked, and had fallen in love with theatre all over again. The end of course show was a game changer for me. There is nothing quite like standing on a stage and knowing you are changing a perception, or firing the imagination, or bringing a tear or a smile to the face of someone sitting watching you. I’m a better person, with greater positivity and self confidence and a whole bunch of amazing people I met at the Courtyard Playhouse who I’m lucky enough to call my friends. None of this would have happened if I hadn’t have stepped into that rehearsal room. I cannot say enough, how much it changed my life.
Petya Dobreva
Thanks for the fantastic night on Wednesday, it was absolutely amazing and I am confident that it will get even better as I gain more experience.  It is really great that you guys are creating this wonderful place for play and exploration, it is the ideal platform to meet people and let your soul grow! I have always felt thrilled and challenged, but at the same time very warmly welcomed, you are doing really a great job. Once again thanks for this,  it is much needed in a place like Dubai!
Jessica Pratt
Teacher and Stand-up Comedian
Salman Z Qureshi is one of the Middle East's best comics. His workshops are exactly what you need if you want to learn stand up as a potential career, be a better, funnier presenter at work or to have your kids actually laugh at your jokes not at you directly. Highly recommended course - get on it!