IMPROVISED KIDS' STORYTIME: MY KID'S A SUPERHERO! - The Courtyard Playhouse The Courtyard Playhouse


In ‘My Kid's a Superhero!’ the children create three Superheroes with special abilities, powered by the children’s favourite animals. The children guide their hero through their beginnings, surviving the obstacles of being different at school, saving the world and finally overcoming their biggest hurdle, their Villains!

'My Kid's a Superhero!' will have the children talking all week about Super Chicken Boy, Giraffe Man, Goat Girl and how they saved the world!


For children 4-11 years old.

A new and imaginative story every time that will have your children talking all week.

Interactive fun for the whole family!

IMPORTANT: Please note that seating for this program includes theatre seats as well as our theatre beanbags, arrive early to get first choice

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