MUSICAL THEATRE FOR TEENS: 13 - 18 YEARS - THURSDAYS 6:00PM - The Courtyard Playhouse The Courtyard Playhouse


Thu 16 Jan 2020 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

16 January – 26 March 2020

Thursdays 6:00pm – 7:00pm

Fees: 1340 AED (10 x 1.5 hour sessions + Showcase)


Musical Theatre is storytelling through acting, singing and dance or movement. Our Musical Theatre classes are designed to give participants a solid grounding in all three disciplines and allow them to discover the joy, and magic, of their coming together in a musical production.

We will explore songs and scenes from across a broad range of musicals styles, giving students an opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the art form as well as to learn the varied skills needed to perform confidently as an ensemble and as a soloist.

Following a youth theatre format, students will be given material such as a script or song, to take home and learn which will then be practised in weekly rehearsals.

At the end of the season, this material will be performed in a showcase on our stage, giving the children a chance to put what they have learned into practice and gain valuable stage experience in front of an audience in a professional theatre.

Additional LAMDA (London Academy of Music, Dance and Art) examinations are available once a year in May for this age group.


• Maximum of 15 participants ensuring you get the personalized attention that you need

• Over 15 hours of tuition including stage-time in a professional theatre

• A showcase performance at the Courtyard Playhouse open to your friends and family


Workshop participants have the option to gain invaluable experience every Monday and Wednesday at 8-10pm, at the Courtyard Playhouse to learn the ropes: helping with lighting, sound, scenography, and front of house.


Email [email protected] or call  050 781 2269 for more info

For groups of over 6 people please contact us.