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The Courtyard Playhouse is the perfect place for a party! You can be the entire audience for an exclusive performance of one of our popular improvised kids’ shows, or we can put a workshop together especially for the little theatre-lover in your life… it’s up to you, but we guarantee whichever you choose, it will be a party to remember.

Exclusive Kids’ Storytime Performance

Our PERFORMANCE PARTY package is the most exclusive children’s birthday party in the world: an entire, improvised Children’s Theatre show especially for you. Directed by the Birthday Boy / Girl (and friends) and brought to life by our actors on the main stage of the Playhouse Theatre.

Choose from the three most popular children’s titles at the Playhouse: My Kid’s a Superhero, ‘Super Story’ or the magical…‘What Comes Next?’ - where the children help create the characters: goodies and baddies, costumes and music and of course what comes next throughout the entire show.  All shows are wholly interactive and original.

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Acting Fun and Games

Tailored for your particular child, our theatre workshop parties are high energy, teach the children storytelling games and take place on the magical stage of a real working theatre.

We are expert at designing activities to suit groups with excitable and shy children, mixtures of older and younger children too.

Activities can be tailored to feature an interactive mini-showcase for parents to watch, with theatre costumes, props, lights, smoke, bubbles and music. Or more traditional games like musical statues, the Happy Birthday song, cake and candles. You can even order an exclusive Courtyard Playhouse Drama Queen (or King) Birthday Cake!