INTER-SCHOOL THEATRESPORTS TOURNAMENT - The Courtyard Playhouse The Courtyard Playhouse



Mushroom Cup (Juniors) 13 June 2020

Star Cup (Seniors) 20 June 2020

Each season, teams of performers from schools across the UAE converge and take part in the region’s annual Theatresports tournament.

The Tournament is a team-based competition where schools will play against each other, issuing a series of dramatic challenges to compete for the winners’ trophy.

Competitors are drawn from the schools that have taken part in our Theatresports workshops. In the workshops students are coached by an experienced Courtyard Playhouse company member either during school hours or as a part of your schools ASA programme.

When students hit the stage on the night, they will compete against their peers in a fun and friendly contest judged and scored by theatre professionals. The event will conclude with an award presentation.

The Playhouse is the only International Theatresports Institute member and Theatresports license holder in the Middle East.

Improv’, as popularised by the TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway?, ignites spontaneity, develops lateral thinking, encourages team work and releases the potential artist in us all.

The Courtyard Playhouse is a KHDA Licensed Performing Arts Training Center