TAKE YOUR SEAT IN THE NEW IMPROV' STUDIO - The Courtyard Playhouse The Courtyard Playhouse



Over the past 5 years, our growing family of supporters has helped us build a truly unique and wonderful theatre - a place where children, young people and adults are given the chance to express themselves, gain in confidence and ultimately transform their lives through theatre. The Playhouse expansion will allow us to tell more stories, push ourselves to take bold artistic risks, and help more artists and audiences find their way home. 

This is YOUR opportunity to be a part of this exciting journey and become a patron of the performing arts in Dubai!

After just a few weeks of hard work we have transformed the once cavernous empty warehouse into a beautiful creative space. The Courtyard Playhouse expansion includes a new distinctive foyer, rehearsal room, office, workshop, and a 25 seater Improv Studio!

We have a limited number of beautiful brass plaques available for you to have engraved with a name or phrase of your choice. Or why not customise one of our Courtyard Playhouse beanbags? We have twelve ready and waiting to be embroidered.

Both the plaques and the beanbags can be purchased as a gift, complete with gift certificate — the perfect present for a Playhouse fan!

Your company logo can also feature inside the Playhouse on one of only 7 high visibility VIP Sponsor Plaques. 

Our target of 26 000 AED will help us to complete the renovations and equip the new office and theatre space.

Renovations and running costs are taxing on a small family run theatre without any formal funding. Therefore we depend upon our community of patrons, volunteers and supporters to help secure this place of dreams for future generations.

Campaign ends 1 April 2018

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VIP Seat Plaque

  • 7 plaques available
  • Our exclusive VIP plaques are proudly displayed in a highly visible prime spot in the auditorium
  • Measurements: 17cm x 12cm
  • Price: 1500 AED


Front-Row Seat Plaque

  • 14 plaques available
  • Have your plaque displayed on one of our front-row seats — mere inches from the stage, they’re the most popular seats in the house
  • Measurements: 6cm x 16cm
  • Price: 1000 AED


Standard Seat Plaque

  • 24 plaques available
  • Be part of our beautiful, family-run theatre
  • Measurements: 6cm x 16cm
  • Price: 800 AED


Embroidered Beanbags

  • 12 beanbags available
  • Our comfy beanbags provide extra space when all the seats are filled and will be elegantly embroidered with a name or phrase of your choice
  • Maximum space for embroidery: 24cm x 12cm
  • Price: 600 AED


The Courtyard Playhouse is a perfect CSR project, we would love to chat with you about tailoring a special package with lots of creative marketing avenues for your company. Or for those individuals with a passion for theatre, becoming a Playhouse Patron is a really splendid way in which to enjoy a special relationship with the Courtyard Playhouse, be an intrinsic part of it's story and know that you are contributing towards it's future.

Contact us at [email protected] or call 050 781 2257 for more info.