IMPROV' WORKSHOPS - The Courtyard Playhouse The Courtyard Playhouse



9 DEC 2018 | 5 JAN 2019 | 12 JAN 2019

Saturdays 2:00pm - 5:00pm

345 AED per session or 1 035 AED for all three 3 hour sessions



Dip your toes into the fun, interesting and exciting waters of improvisation. Meet others who want to try something new. DON’T PANIC is the introduction Improvisation course that will calm your fears, make you laugh and show you that there’s more to improvisation than what you might expect (it’s easier than you might expect and less pressure than you imagine). This course is great for people who love to be on stage and want to learn the core elements of improvised theatre, or for business people learning to feel comfortable with public speaking, or anyone who wants to have fun while learning to be more spontaneous, creative, playful, open and aware. Follow up this section with the PLATFORM & SPIRIT  section.


Are you developing a growing appetite for improvisation? SPIRIT is a course of improv' training that you will keep coming back to.  Always something new, SPIRIT will push your skills and help you develop beyond the level you are currently exploring.  There will be balanced components of games, narrative, character,  theory, practice, play and personal development aiming you towards stage performance. This section of improv' training will adapt to the needs of the class and is geared to those who have explored the introduction course, “DON’T PANIC!”


Status is the behavioural quality in all interaction.  It is not a constant.  You aren’t necessarily high or low status.  You are high or low relative to who or what you are interacting with at that moment.  Status moves and alters and defines our relative importance to the people and world around us.  Our friendships are defined by our comfort in altering the status relationship between ourselves and the people we are closest too.  Learning to play with status gives improvisers immediate skill in story and character that few others have.

This section of impro can be explored after the course, “STORYTELLING”.



Step up your improv game with puppets. Intense puppet improv’ will teach you the essentials of muppetesque hand and rod style puppetry. Learn lip-sync, manipulation, focus and life-giving techniques to dazzle your audience by adding puppet prowess to your improv.


Marc is a Prague-based professional actor, voice-over artist, improviser and musician. A co-founder of Dad’s Garage Theatre Co. in Atlanta, GA, and BLR’s The Comedy Improv Show of Prague, CZ, Marc works extensively in film, television, commercials and video games as an actor and a voice-over artist. He also works as an improvisation instructor and coach. As an improviser, he’s performed in roughly thousands of improv shows in a career spanning 25 years, so it’s surprising that he still has to write his own bio. He also enjoys writing, but mainly about himself.

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